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TRD TRD COLD AIR INTAKE 2010+ 4runner PTR03-89100

TRD TRD COLD AIR INTAKE 2010+ 4runner PTR03-89100

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A cold air intake (CAI) is an aftermarket modification made to a vehicle's engine air intake system. Its purpose is to improve the engine's performance by allowing cooler and denser air to enter the combustion chamber.

A typical cold air intake consists of a larger and less restrictive air filter, a specially designed intake tube, and sometimes a heat shield. The air filter is often cone-shaped or cylindrical and is made of high-flow materials that allow for increased airflow compared to the stock air filter.

The intake tube of a cold air intake is designed to minimize restrictions and maximize the intake of cold outside air. It is often made of materials like plastic or aluminum, which have good thermal insulation properties to help keep the air cooler as it travels from the front of the vehicle to the engine.

The location of the cold air intake is typically moved away from the engine compartment to avoid hot air from the engine, which can be

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